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Anchor Bay to Bow Two Weight Watchers Workouts

30 Sep, 2013 By: Angelique Flores

The DVDs star the weight loss company’s fitness spokesperson, Jennifer Cohen

Following up on its successful releases from last December, Weight Watchers has two new workout DVDs on the way for this year’s upcoming fitness season.

Weight Watchers fitness spokesperson Jennifer Cohen will be featured in the new titles Weight Watchers: Ultimate Belly and Weight Watchers: 15-Minute Boot Camp Series, both streeting Dec. 17 (orders due Nov. 20) at $14.98 each.

The 15-Minute Boot Camp Series DVD has four 15-minute workouts, one each for upper body, lower body, core and cardio. Ultimate Belly comes with a mini stability ball and contains one 10-minute workout, one 20-minute workout and one 30-minute workout.

“The DVDs are for any level of fitness,” Cohen said, adding that each program has beginner, intermediate and advanced instruction. “No matter how fit you are or how much you’ve exercised, there is a level for you. And there’s always some room for you to grow.”

The DVDs are consistent in the way the Weight Watchers brand relates to its clients, Cohen said.

“But it’s all unique, original content,” she said.

Opening up the audience to consumers outside of the Weight Watchers centers gives more people a chance to get familiar with the brand and the exercises, Cohen said.

“The DVDs are a great workout, and people are really going to enjoy them,” Cohen said. “It talks to the masses of people who potentially want to have a healthier lifestyle and get into fitness.”

Cohen has starred in other Weight Watchers DVDs that were sold only in the company’s centers. These two new titles are her first fitness DVDs at retail. They will not be available in Weight Watchers centers.

Besides her work with Weight Watchers, Cohen has had a 10-year career as a fitness professional. She was a trainer on the show “Shedding for the Wedding” and regularly appears on “Today,” “Extra,” “The Doctors” and “Good Morning America.” Cohen also contributes to such national magazines as Forbes and Men’s Fitness. She also authored the book No Gym Required and owns the gym, Momentum, in Santa Monica, Calif.

Cohen started out working in the record business but then found a calling in fitness, she said, which she segued into by training the artists at record companies.

“It evolved from there,” she said.

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