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God Loves Uganda (DVD Review)

21 May, 2014 By: Stephanie Prange

First Run
Box Office $0.05 million
$24.95 DVD
Not rated.

This documentary from Academy Award winner Roger Ross Williams 
(for documentary short subject Music by Prudence) offers a disturbing exposé of the horrifying effect of American evangelical proselytizing on human rights and the gay community in Uganda.

Through interviews and hidden camera footage, God Loves Uganda deftly reveals — in part, by letting the missionaries talk for themselves — the insidious effect that these imported beliefs are having in a country much less sophisticated than the home the ardent believers have left behind.

Funded by American megachurches, the missionaries preach a literal reading of the Bible, fueling Uganda’s terrifying turn toward biblical law and helping to spawn a proposed death penalty for homosexuality. As the feature journeys between the megachurches and the people and towns of Uganda, it seems that the parishioners putting the money in the collection plate may not be aware of the consequences of their funding.

God Loves Uganda has been featured on Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” and premiered on TV’s “Independent Lens” in May, which should boost awareness of this excellent documentary.

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