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Digital Glossary

advertising-supported VOD: a program watched via VOD that includes advertising within the content; costs less for the viewer than SVOD
bandwidth: a data transfer rate measured in kilobits per second (Kbps) for digital bandwidth
cloud: a method of remote digital data storage that allows users to play content on multiple devices and platforms; also known as digital cloud or digital locker. Examples include UltraViolet and KeyChest; in the video industry, it embodies the “buy once, play anywhere” concept
content delivery network (CDN): a system of computers that contains multiple copies of data, allowing Web clients to access the data without overtaxing a single, central server
content delivery platform (CDP): a service that delivers content through embedded software, such as a widget
cord-cutting: the concept that consumers will cancel cable and satellite TV subscriptions in lieu of programming being more cheaply available online
digital supply chain: the pathway through which digital content is delivered from the content supplier to the user or viewer
digital rights management (DRM): technology that limits the use of digital content and devices; often acts as copy-protection software
downloading: copying a digital file from another source and storing it on a local device; content may be free or available through purchase, which is known as electronic sellthrough
download-to-burn service: content is offered via an Internet download with the intention of the user burning the content onto a disc, usually for DVD playback
digital video recorder (DVR): a device or software that records video onto a hard drive for later playback
electronic sellthrough (EST): purchasing a digital video file online whereby the file is downloaded and stored on a hard drive; the content may become unusable after a certain period and may not be viewable using competing platforms
HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface): an industry-supported, compact audio/video interface to transmit uncompressed digital data, primarily for transmission of 1080p HD signals; used for CE products such as Blu-ray players, HDTVs and HD set-top boxes
iVOD: Internet video-on-demand or interactive video-on-demand; a transactional VOD system whereby videos are streamed from the Internet
Internet television (ITV): television programming that has been re-distributed through a Web service, such as Hulu; not the same as Web TV
IPTV (Internet Protocol television): a digital television service delivered via a broadband connection
last mile: the final section of an infrastructure line that delivers connectivity from a communications provider to a customer
mobisodes: short-form programming that can be viewed using mobile devices, often via the Internet
MSO (Multiple System Operator): a company that owns and/or operates a large number of localized cable systems; the majority of cable companies are MSOs
net neutrality: the concept that Internet service providers must provide equal access to all Web sites
over-the-top (OTT): when content is delivered to a TV or computer via the Internet
pay cable: channels for which subscribers pay a monthly fee in addition to a basic cable subscription (also known as premium cable or pay-TV); examples include HBO, Showtime and Starz
pay-per-view (PPV): the offering of a television program, usually a live event or a movie, to viewers whereby consumers pay for just the program they watch rather than subscribing to a whole channel
peer-to-peer networking (P2P): a digital file-sharing system whereby a network of hosts participate on an equal basis without a central server
portable media player: a small CE device that can store and play digital media
premium video-on-demand: the offering of major movie releases via transactional VOD four to eight weeks after a film’s theatrical debut but before its release on disc
SD card: a secure digital memory card format for use in portable devices
set-top box: a device that connects to a television, with features including cable access, a digital video recorder, interactive TV, Internet access and gaming
streaming: a digital viewing mode whereby the video content is stored at a remote source and transmitted to a local viewer, but is not downloaded to a local hard drive
SVOD: subscription-based video-on-demand; a subscriber pays a recurring set fee for an unlimited access to video-on-demand viewing
time-shifting: the act of recording content onto a device such as a DVR or VCR for the purpose of playback at a later time
transactional video-on-demand: a blanket term for VOD usage that involves paying for individual programs, rather than the recurring fee for an SVOD service; also known as pay-per-view or standard VOD
TV Everywhere: a Time Warner concept for its authentication system that allows monthly pay-TV subscribers to access unlimited new and repurposed content on demand in the home, on portable devices and online no additional charge
user-generated content (UGC): website content that is produced and supplied by the site’s users, usually for free; often produced by amateur filmmakers who don’t get paid
video-on-demand (VOD): a cable, set-top box or online system in which users can select video content at their convenience and immediately view or stream it upon request
Web TV: short-form programming originally delivered online (e.g., “Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog” and “The Guild”); not the same as Internet television, which is a TV show that has been repurposed for online viewing
Webisodes: a short-form program or series designed to be viewed via download or streaming

CDN: content delivery network
CDP: content delivery platform
DRM: digital rights management
DVR: digital video recorder
EST: electronic sellthrough
HDTV: high-definition television
ITV: Internet television
OTT: over-the-top
PPV: pay-per-view
P2P: peer-to-peer
UGC: user-generated content
VOD: video-on-demand

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