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Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead (DVD Review)

14 Oct, 2009 By: Thomas K. Arnold

Street 10/20/09
$22.98 DVD, $29.99 Blu-ray
Stars Janet Montgomery, Tom Frederic, Tamer Hassan, Gil Kolirin.

Wrong Turn 3 may be a direct-to-video sequel to a direct-to-video sequel to a low-budget horror movie that borrowed liberally from Wes Craven’s The Hills Have Eyes. But don’t count this one out — it’s actually a good little movie, with a believable story and some pretty decent acting and cinematography.

Like the first two films, Wrong Turn 3 is about a group of attractive teens who, well, take a wrong turn in the hills of West Virginia, where they encounter a band of inbred cannibals. In this film, the wrong-turning teens are on a rafting trip, and all but one is killed off in the film’s opening scenes. What makes this film interesting is the twist: A sheriff’s deputy who is about to leave the force for law school discovers he has to spend his last night on the job escorting a group of dangerous cons to a different jail. You can guess the rest: The bus takes a wrong turn, winds up on its side when a mutant in a pickup runs it off the road, and the cons then wind up battling the law, each other and the cannibals.

 The pace is good, and there’s never a dull moment. One of the death scenes is a little cheesy, in a literal sense — early in the film, one of the teens is sliced up in what looks like a giant cheese slicer — but the rest of the action is bloody good fun. Wrong Turn 3 even passed my final test: I would have paid to see it in theaters.

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