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Laid to Rest (DVD Review)

11 Apr, 2009 By: Billy Gil

Laid to Rest

Street 4/21/09
Anchor Bay
$26.97 DVD
Rated ‘R’ for pervasive strong bloody horror violence and gore, language, some sexual content, nudity and brief drug use.
Stars Lena Headey, Johnathon Schaech, Bobbi Sue Luther, Kevin Gage, Lucas Till, Thomas Dekker, Sean Whalen.

Laid to Rest is the latest in a long line of direct-to-video horror films that so carefully caters to its niche audience, it’s nearly pointless to knock the film for being less-than-original.

The film gives top billing to Lena Headey (“Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles”) and Johnathon Schaech, but really stars Bobbi Sue Luther and Kevin Gage. Actually this isn’t a problem; Luther excels as “the girl,” who wakes up alive in a casket in an unsettling scene that opens the film, recalling Uma Thurman in Kill Bill Vol. 2. Meanwhile, burly Gage is a nice antidote to the pretty-boy leading man usually found in horror films, easily going head-to-head with the film’s killer.

Who might that be? The mysterious Chrome Skull, one of the cooler-looking and slicker horror villains of recent memory. His mirrored skull-faced visage is indeed frightening, wiping the floor with more clichéd horror movie masks.

Chrome Skull also wipes the floor with just about everyone he encounters. Laid to Rest is unabashedly gory — fans of the “Saw” series won’t be disappointed.

A special feature on the special effects behind Laid to Rest is the most intriguing one, perhaps because the film’s plot, about a girl with amnesia running from an anonymous killer, doesn’t deliver on its promise, while the special effects, with oozing, bleeding faces and throats, achieves far more than the film’s storytelling.

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