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Hide and Creep (DVD Review)

3 Oct, 2009 By: Jordan Harrison

Hide and Creep

Street 10/6/09
$19.99 DVD
Rated ‘R’

Sure, Hide and Creep is extremely low budget and is dragged down by substandard acting. But drab humor, good one-liners and bloody violence more than make up for any flaws.

The movie is set in the backwater town of Thorsby, Ala., where the residents must deal with a zombie attack without the aid of law enforcement.

The responsibility of saving the town falls into the lap of Chuck, a sarcastic, aloof video store owner. Director Chuck Hartsell plays the lead, and does a fine job of depicting the unexpected anti-hero. The story picks up in the last 20 minutes in its wit and also its portrayal of the bloody violence for which zombie movies are known.

Anyone craving more won’t be disappointed by the special features of this DVD, which better explain the purpose of the movie and the characters. The disc contains a behind-the-scenes featurette, which shows how the directors shot each scene, then shows the actual scene afterwards.

The other noteworthy extra was the three-minute short film Birthday Call, which picks up right where the movie left off.

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