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Death on Demand (DVD Review)

6 Jul, 2008 By: Matt Miller

Street 7/8/08
$24.95 DVD
Rated ‘R’ for strong violence/gore, sexual content and language.
Stars Jerry Broom, Elisabeth Jamison, Anne McDaniels, Brandon Goins, Josh Folan, Sara Christal, Krista Grotte.

Five college coeds and a busty adult-film star sign on as contestants in a Halloween-night webcast to see who can survive the longest in a house where a once loving father and husband butchered his family and took his own life 20 years ago.

The story of Sean McIntyre is a legend among locals: Once a world-class ice climber, McIntyre lost his mind during an expedition in the Himalayas, sending him on a killing spree in which he slaughtered his Sherpa, then returned home and brutally murdered his family before hanging himself.

No one has entered the cursed house in two decades until Richard, an entrepreneurial young man, comes up with the idea to offer a $5,000 prize for the couple who can make it through the night by following clues and being the first to escape. The teams include two sex-crazed football players, their girlfriends, a Gothic lesbian and the porn star, who is offered a bonus for having sex with any of the other contestants.

With video cameras placed strategically around the house to catch all of the horror and hijinks, what no one accounted for was the spirit of McIntyre to return and hunt down the coeds with his grappling hook one by one.

Now the only way for the participants to escape alive is to figure out a way to banish his soul back to hell before he kills them all, making for a highly entertaining webcast for the thousands watching and wondering if the horror is real.

Death on Demand is a grizzly independent horror film filled with locker-room humor, over-the-top killings and gratuitous nudity — a trifecta for this genre. The underlining story isn’t terribly original, but the outlandish characters, especially using a mountaineer as the antagonist, create a horrifically entertaining experience.

The cast also brings a youthful energy that drives the film and helps keep it from falling flat. Death on Demand is another example of our crazy obsession with realty TV and the Internet, and their continued influence on today’s horror films.

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