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Bone Eater (DVD Review)

8 Jun, 2008 By: Matt Miller

Prebook 6/11/08; Street 7/8/08
$26.98 DVD
Rated ‘PG-13’ for some violence.
Stars Bruce Boxleitner, Michael Horse, William Katt, Gil Gerard, Walter Koenig, Veronica Hamel, Clara Bryant.

Bone Eater is Sci Fi Channel’s latest original supernatural thriller from ‘B’-movie veteran Jim Wynorski (using the alias Bob Robertson). This time around, the monster takes the form of an evil American Indian spirit known as the Bone Eater — a giant skeleton with a headdress made of bones — who is resurrected when a construction company unknowingly begins building a swanky new resort on a sacred burial ground.

As the crew fights to conceal the ancient artifacts they’ve uncovered, the Bone Eater starts carving his way through the sleepy desert town, vaporizing anyone who crosses him and growing stronger with each of his victims. The only one taking notice of these unexplained disappearances is Sheriff Evans (Boxleitner), who isn’t afraid to step in and unravel the mystery.

Fortunately, the sheriff is part American Indian, which allows him to seek help from his fellow tribesmen, even though they don’t have much sympathy for the greedy developers who continue to desecrate their land. Sheriff Evans soon learns about the legend of Bone Eater and the magical ax that must be used to destroy the creature before he reaches full strength. This forces the sheriff to embrace his Indian roots to save the townspeople and send Bone Eater back into the Earth.

Sci Fi Channel has become a breeding ground for outlandish, low-budget sci-fi thrillers such as Bone Eater, which audiences continue to eat up. While not one of Wynorski’s finest films, it still accomplishes what it sets out to do: entertain. It doesn’t hurt that the film features a cast of tried-and-true genre actors such as Boxleitner (Tron and “Babylon 5”) and Gerard (“Buck Rogers in the 25th Century”), who help compensate for the film’s poor special effects.

The filmmakers also manage to deliver an original twist on what could have been an otherwise tired storyline by creating an unforgettable demonic skeleton that looks like it stepped out of an “Evil Dead” film.

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