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Baby Blues (DVD Review)

22 Jun, 2008 By: Matt Miller

Baby Blues

Prebook 6/24/08; Street 8/5/08
$29.98 DVD
Rated ‘R' for disturbing violence and terror, and brief drug use.
Stars Ridge Canipe, Colleen Porch, Kali Majors, Joel Bryant, Holden Maynard.

Reality is often worse than fiction, which provides great material for thrillers such as Baby Blues. The filmmakers embraced this concept with their highly original, disturbing tale of a 10-year-old boy named Jimmy (Canipe) who is forced to protect his three siblings from their own mother (Porch), who is battling postpartum depression.

The madness unfolds on an isolated family farm where the mom has been raising four children, including a newborn, practically alone while her truck-driver husband is on the road. Unfortunately, no one realizes the extent of her psychosis as she begins hearing demonic voices telling her that the kids are evil. But when she decides to eliminate her children one by one, Jimmy, the eldest child, jumps into action.

Baby Blues is an unsettling journey down the road of insanity that is perfect for fans of horror-thrillers such as The Shining. Brought to life by two young directors (Amardeep Kaleka and Lars E. Jacobson in their first feature film), the film is topical yet still provides a shocking look at the psychological phenomenon known as “baby blues.”

The film is filled with talented up-and-coming actors led by Porch, whose facial expressions alone will send chills down your spine, and Canipe (the young Johnny Cash in Walk the Line), who delivers a commanding performance as the film's young hero.

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