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Artifacts (DVD Review)

27 Jul, 2008 By: Matt Miller

Prebook 7/30/08; Street 8/26/08
$26.98 DVD
Rated ‘R' for language and some violent/disturbing content.
Stars Mary Stockley, Felix Scott, Max Digby, Jason Morrell, Peter Warnock, Martin George Swabey, Véronique Van De Vin, Cécile Boland.

Artifacts is a fast-paced sci-fi thriller about a group of friends being eliminated by their own doppelgangers as part of a deadly experiment.

Unknowingly at the center of this covert, experimental research operation is Kate Warner (Stockley), a self-admitted workaholic who recently dumped her boyfriend to focus on her startup consulting business. Following the mysterious deaths of several of her friends, who were all found with strange metallic artifacts in their chests, Kate begins receiving cryptic phone calls that lead to a violent run-in with her double.

The encounter sends Kate back into the arms of her ex, Mike (Scott), and together they set out to uncover who has made them part of this ruthless game. As they fight to stay alive, not really able to trust each other or themselves anymore with their clones on the loose, their main concern is finding a way to remove the artifact inside of them that seems to be a tracking device, leading their killer duplicates right to them.

On the run, Kate and Mike follow clues while struggling to piece together their pasts with memories that have been erased.

Artifacts is an impressive independent film, especially considering it was shot in only 12 days, under the direction of Belgian filmmakers Giles Daoust (adding to his list of thrillers such as A Broken Life and The Room) and Emmanuel Jespers.

The film has been critically acclaimed at film festivals worldwide, including being the official selection of the Hollywood Film Festival and winning the Platinum Award at the WorldFest-Houston Independent Film Festival.

Stars Stockley (V for Vendetta) and Scott, an emerging young British actor, both deliver commanding performances that add to the film's intensity and originality. Artifacts also has a very “X-Files” look and feel, which means it's hitting at just the right time to get a bump from The X-Files: I Want to Believe, hitting theaters July 25.

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