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'Shrek' the Halls

21 Jul, 2010 By: Fred Topel

Shrek Forever After is slated to arrive on home video in the fall. To coincide with that timing, the filmmakers planned a few Christmas-themed bonus features for Paramount Home Entertainment’s DVD and Blu-ray versions.

One extra, “Donkey’s Christmas Caroling Spectacular,” gets star Eddie Murphy to carry a tune as his four-legged character.

“I did a Christmas carol on the DVD,” Murphy says. “It’s not in the movie, [but] it’s really all the same.”
The film’s producer, Gina Shay, teased another holiday bonus feature.

“It’s a Christmas Yule log you put on like a DVD of a fireplace,” Shay says. “It’s Shrek’s fireplace, but then every minute or so we have a gag happening in front of the fireplace.”

Walt Dohrn, who provides the voice of the film’s Rumpelstiltskin, directed the Christmas shorts.

“Walt calls it DreamWorks’ first Andy Warhol movie,” Shay jokes.

Other bonus features will be interesting all year round.

“[One major deleted scene is] the alternate reality version of every fairy tale creature attacking their best buddy, Shrek,” director Mike Mitchell says. “It’s a sequence that looks like it was [finished], and it was. It was completed. We just took it out at the last minute.”

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