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Report: The Crowded App Market Will See Consolidation

28 Oct, 2013 By: Chris Tribbey

A report from IPG Media Lab and Magna Global suggests that while the second screen is in its infancy, and tons of new app development players are joining the game, consolidation is already underway.

Twitter, Yahoo, CBS and TV Guide already have acquired and folded in other app companies to improve their own second-screen and entertainment apps, and the consolidation won’t slow down, the report suggests.

The report also offers data showing that 60% of TV viewers are checking a second screen while they watch, and that viewers will switch their attention from one screen to another as many as 27 times an hour. The report also shows that second-screen users ages 25 to 34 and 55 to 64 tend to use tablets, mostly to find more information about a show while its on, while second-screen users ages 18 to 24 prefer smartphones, mostly to engage with social media while a show is on.

About the Author: Chris Tribbey

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