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Rovi Licenses DivX Plus Streaming to Chinese TV Maker

31 Aug, 2012 By: Erik Gruenwedel and Chris Tribbey

Rovi Corp. Aug. 31 said it entered into a license agreement with Hisense Co. Ltd that incorporates the former’s DivX Plus streaming technology in the Chinese manufacturer’s television product line. Hisense will include the streaming platform in a forthcoming line of Internet–connected TVs.

Santa Clara, Calif.-based Rovi, which made the announcement at the IFA trades show in Berlin, has been busy in recent days issuing press releases regarding pending launches of retail and home-based disc-to-digital services.

DivX Plus Streaming proclaims  so-called “adaptive” streaming technology that adjusts video streams based on available bandwidth; thereby virtually eliminating skipping, pauses, and buffering during video playback. The platform supports 1080p resolution, subtitles, multiple language tracks, fast forward and rewind, quick-start playback, and resume playback across devices.

“Hisense will help us quickly build a large footprint of devices that support our DivX platform in the region,” said Matt Milne, EVP worldwide sales and marketing, Rovi Corp. “Simultaneously, we are continuing to work with content owners and distributors in China to enable over-the-top storefronts that will provide convenient access to premium movies and TV entertainment in our advanced streaming format.”

Separately, Rovi said it inked a deal with MediaTek, a semiconductor company for wireless communications and digital multimedia solutions set to integrate DivX Plus Streaming into its silicon solutions for connected Blu-ray Disc players and DTVs.

“By implementing DivX Plus Streaming, we are embracing the future of streaming media services and enabling our partners to deliver a more advanced over-the top entertainment experience,” said Joe Chen, GM of home entertainment at Taiwan-based MediaTek.

Finally, as previously announced Rovi unveiled its eponymous Digital Copy for Retailers, a new offering that is expected to provide consumers in Europe and the U.S. new ways to turn their DVD and Blu-ray movie collections into virtual movie libraries based in the cloud.

The Digital Copy platform can be integrated as a component of services already offered by Rovi Entertainment Store, or incorporated into existing digital entertainment service infrastructures. Rovi expects the first retailer services powered by Rovi Digital Copy for Retailers to be introduced later this year.

About the Author: Erik Gruenwedel and Chris Tribbey

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