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AMC Streaming Service Hits iPads

18 Dec, 2013 By: Chris Tribbey

AMC Networks’ Yeah! streaming movie service is now available on the iPad. The transactional VOD service offers 48-hour rentals for titles starting at $2.99.

The interactive movies Yeah! offers put fans deeper into the content with commentaries, interviews, trivia, links to IMDb, polls and other items while the movie plays. AMC estimates it offers 400 to 500 curated elements per film.

“The launch of the Yeah! app provides the most immersive movie-watching experience available,  one that gives film fans the power to go deeper into their favorite movies than ever before, virtually anytime and anywhere,” said Yeah! GM Lisa Judson. “With Yeah!, we aimed to re-invent the streaming experience from lean back to lean in, with a richness and depth previously unavailable in any medium.”

Coinciding with the iPad launch, actor Michael Rooker (Merle from “The Walking Dead”) is featured in a series of ads — dubbed the “Anti-Social Holiday” campaign — that direct movie fans to the app and Web site.

AMC plans to launch the app on Roku devices in 2014.

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