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THX Launches Retailer Program

25 Sep, 2013 By: Chris Tribbey

THX is launching a new program designed to keep retailers up to date on consumer electronics advancements that they can pass along to consumers.

THX will work with its manufacturing partners — including Acurus, Integra, JVC and M&K Sound — to provide educational and promotional materials to retailers. THX announced the program at the CEDIA Expo in Denver.

“Consumers continue to demand a more immersive home entertainment experience and because of that, retailers want access to best practices and information to better guide their customers to the products and technologies that best meet their specific tastes and requirements,” said Matt Severaid, partner marketing manager at THX. “Our new THX retailer program is designed to provide resellers with easy access to decades of accumulated knowledge about technology and high performance CE products.”

Retailers will be provided a display plaque showing they’re part of the program, and will be listed on THX’s website as a participant.

“Audio comprises more than half of the entertainment experience and as technologies, devices and complete home systems rapidly evolve, the need for retailers to keep up to date on best practices becomes ever-more important,” said Keith Haas, director of sales for Integra. “It is important leading companies like ourselves aid in the selling experience and make the product selection meet the needs of every customer.”

In other CEDIA Expo news:

• Upscale movie server company Kaleidescape showed off its latest high-end home theater experience, the Cinema One.

Priced at $3,995, it’s the lowest-priced server the company has offered to consumers. It features an online store that allows owners to download movies with video and audio quality equal to Blu-ray Disc, and features disc-to-digital of Blu-ray for $1.99 and DVD-to-Blu-ray digital upgrades for $6.99. The digital versions are UltraViolet-enabled.

"With these enhancements to the Kaleidescape Store, customers are now able to seamlessly upgrade their Blu-ray and DVD collections to digital copies,” said Michael Malcolm, founder, chairman and CEO of Kaleidescape. “This means consumers no longer need to buy higher-quality versions of the titles they already own on DVD; and, they can eliminate their dependency on storing physical Blu-ray discs in disc vaults.”

The Cinema One stores up to 100 Blu-ray discs.

• Epson America debuted an expanded line-up of 2D and 3D 1080p projectors

“Epson’s newest home theater projectors push the boundaries of picture quality, color and white light output, 2D and 3D performance, and installation flexibility at this price point and beyond,” said Jason Palmer, marketing manager for Epson America. “Value-add features such as wireless HDMI, THX certification and innovative picture-in-picture mode present custom installers with a wide range of options to meet the expectations of the most critical home-theater elitists or novice enthusiasts.”

The four models range in price from $2,499 to $3,499.

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