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LG Announces TVs Supporting HDR, Dolby Vision

5 Jan, 2016 By: Stephanie Prange

OLED 4K TVs to get the new Ultra HD Premium logo

LAS VEGAS — LG Electronics announced that its entire 2016 OLED TV line will support all current high dynamic range (HDR) formats, including HDR10 and Dolby Vision HDR technology, making them among the first to be compatible with both formats.

All LG 2016 OLED 4K TVs are expected to be among the first in the industry to be certified as “Ultra HD Premium,” designed to meet the stringent premium performance requirements just released by the UHD Alliance (UHDA), the company announced.

The Ultra HD Premium certification applies only to products that meet the most demanding performance standards for resolution, HDR, peak luminance, black levels and wide color gamut, among other criteria.

The company also announced advances in LCD TVs with a premium designation called “LG SUPER UHD” TV. These 4K Ultra HD TVs will feature the most advanced LCD picture quality ever offered by LG, the company announced, with expanded color capabilities, higher peak brightness and better black levels designed to faithfully display next generation HDR content. Each of three new LG SUPER UHD TV series for 2016 is HDR compatible and includes Dolby Vision HDR technology, LG announced.

LG also announced it has teamed up with major global content providers including Netflix and Amazon.

Netflix and Dolby are collaborating with LG to offer an extensive library of high-quality Dolby Vision HDR content. Owners of 2016 LG OLED 4K TVs can stream HDR content from Netflix on LG’s updated webOS 3.0 Smart TV platform later this year. Visitors to LG’s CES booth will see 4K HDR clips from the second season of the popular Dolby Vision-mastered Marvel’s “Dardevil.”

In cooperation with Amazon, LG OLED TV will offer the newest original HDR content via Amazon Video. Visitors to LG’s CES booth will see 4K HDR clips from “The Man in the High Castle,” “Red Oaks,” “Transparent” and “Mozart in the Jungle.”

In addition, visitors to LG’s CES booth will be able to experience HDR content on YouTube for the first time. HDR content from YouTube has been mastered to meet Google’s VP9-Profile 2 HDR standards. YouTube plans to provide an HDR playback function on its website in 2016. At CES, LG also will display scenes from 20th Century Fox’s The Martian on its HDR-enabled OLED TVs, using the Vidity video player from Western Digital.

In a dark room in its CES booth, LG will display unique new HDR video clips from deep space shot by NASA and produced by official NASA partner Harmonic.

On the broadcasting front, LG receivers based on ATSC 3.0 Candidate Standards will receive 4K Ultra HD HDR content from KHMP-18, a Las Vegas broadcast television station, during the show. Developed by the Advanced Television Systems Committee, ATSC 3.0 broadcasting leverages HEVC (High Efficiency Video Coding) video compression technology and improved transmission technology to deliver HDR 4K UHD signals over the air for the first time. LG technology is included in the majority of the ATSC 3.0 Physical Layer transmission system Candidate Standard.

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