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'Deadpool,' Amazon, Sony ULTRA Receive EMA Digi Awards

6 Oct, 2016 By: John Latchem

EMA’s Mitch Mallon, Sony’s Shayna Stuckey (ULTRA), EMA’s Mark Fisher, Sony’s Ellen Goodridge and Fox’s Brian Mori (‘Deadpool’).

Ellen Goodridge of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment Receives Industry Leadership Digital Award

The Entertainment Merchants Association (EMA) Oct. 6 presented Deadpool, Amazon and Sony’s ULTRA 4K movies and TV App with “Digi” Awards for outstanding achievement in digital entertainment content, retailing and innovation during a presentation at EMA’s Digital Media Pipeline in Los Angeles.

Deadpool, released by 20th Century Fox, won the Digital Content “Digi” Award for the movie, television program or other audiovisual work that was most unique in digital delivery over the past year, or that gave the consumer the best digital experience.

The Digital Retailer “Digi” Award went to Amazon for the third year in a row, recognizing outstanding service by a company that sells or rents audiovisual works to the consumer through Internet-based digital delivery. Amazon was selected for growing both the digital transactional and subscription VOD businesses and expanding subscription VOD options with Prime TV add-ons including Starz and Showtime premium OTT access and other add-on options for special niche programming.

The Sony ULTRA 4K movies and TV App was presented the Innovation “Digi” Award for its all 4K streaming service, the first to support high dynamic range video, digital extras and UltraViolet in a single service. The Innovation “Digi” Award recognizes the company that has shown innovation through its technology or programming to enhance the consumer experience of digital entertainment.

“Each of these winners has contributed in significant ways to transforming the home entertainment experience,” said EMA President and CEO Mark Fisher. “It’s fitting that we recognize their leadership in digital entertainment.”

The EMA gave its Industry Leadership Digital Award to Ellen Goodridge, SVP of digital supply chain and product development for Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

“Ellen Goodridge has not only been a recognized leader promoting industry-wide standards and leading the collaboration among studios, but she also ‘walks the walk,’ as Sony Pictures Home Entertainment has itself become an early adopter of industry standards. Ellen has been a regular contributor to EMA’s workgroup projects and as a panelist at events such as today’s Pipeline," Fisher said.

The Industry Leadership Digital Award is given to a company or individual that has made a significant contribution to the industry. Previous recipients are Google’s Content Ops Team, ContentBridge Systems and Craig Seidel of Movielabs.

At SPHE, Goodridge focuses on delivering a quality consumer experience with SPHE’s digital products. She also oversees SPHE’s global digital supply chain for the studio’s film and television content as well as content from third-party distribution partners. Goodridge previously was chair of the technical and operations committee of DEG: The Digital Entertainment Group.

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