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Edelman: Everyone’s Using Another Device While Watching Video

29 May, 2013 By: Chris Tribbey

Ninety-six percent of people have simultaneously used another device when watching entertainment, and more than half of us are doing it either all the time or most of the time, according to a new report.

The survey from research firm Edelman Berland — which interviewed people in eight countries — found that people consider themselves more connected with the world via their online entertainment.

“This year’s findings show that the need for shared entertainment experiences is truly global,” said Gail Becker, chair of the U.S. Western Region, Canada and Latin America for Edelman. “Now more than ever, entertainment is fueled by mobile and multiscreen access. This concept of ‘visual-tainment’ breaks down barriers, which increases people’s desire to share that content and experience with others — a trend that is particularly true in the emerging markets.”

Respondents in emerging markets — Brazil, China, India, Turkey and Korea — are more inclined to access additional content, including deleted scenes, actor information and making-of featurettes (76% of respondents in those markets versus 59% for the United States, the United Kingdom and German markets).

“More than ever, people are seeking out immersive experiences through entertainment,” said Jon Hargreaves, managing director of technology for Edelman Europe. “Developing countries are leading the way in creating great content and building the infrastructure to provide people with access that allows them to interact whenever and wherever they want. The popularity of Psy’s ‘Gangnam Style’ is a great example.”

Respondents said they were more open to watching online videos from overseas, compared with a year ago (63%), and 60% of respondents in emerging markets reported they had watched or listened to entertainment in a language they do not understand (60% vs. 41% in the U.S., U.K. and Germany).

TV remains the top entertainment device, though laptops and mobile are gaining ground, the survey found.


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