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Texas Chain Saw Massacre (Blu-ray Review)

28 Sep, 2008 By: John Gaudiosi

Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Street 9/30/08
MPI/Dark Sky
$29.98 DVD
Rated ‘R.’

Although The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was released in 1974, the horror classic still serves up scares. Even after the recent remake and its prequel, the original has stood the test of time. This Blu-ray debut is essentially the ultimate edition released on DVD in 2006.

That two-disc set came packed with extras, which makes this version worth picking up if you didn’t purchase the DVD.

The only BD exclusive is a featurette with actress Terri McMinn looking back after 35 years. It’s nice to have something new, but it’s not enough to warrant an additional purchase for fans who snapped up the 2006 DVD.

Other extras from that 2006 DVD include two feature-length audio commentaries, a pair of documentaries, deleted scenes, outtakes and a blooper reel.

In terms of visuals, this high-definition widescreen version of the film looks great, as it was taken from the 16mm original. From the outset, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was a low-budget production. But director Tobe Hooper actually used his limited resources to create a horror experience that seems more real because of the you-are-there film style. Many of the film’s scares come off camera, but the experience as a whole is so intense and shocking that your mind paints a bloody picture. The recent remake, which had a large budget, showed much more gore than this controversial film.

It speaks volumes that Hooper’s film remains riveting today, even though technology has allowed any horror concept to come to life through CGI. Texas Chain Saw Massacre created the splatter film. Its many sequels were forgettable, but the original has never looked better than on Blu-ray.   

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