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Grace (Blu-ray Review)

14 Sep, 2009 By: Chris Tribbey


Grace (Blu-ray Review)
Street 9/15/09
Anchor Bay
Box Office $0.008 million, $26.97 DVD, $34.97 Blu-ray, ‘R’ for bloody images, violence and some sexual content.
Stars Jordan Ladd, Stephen Park.

Unique horror is hard to come by, and Grace certainly qualifies as one-of-a-kind.

The film takes a simple concept (dead baby in the womb is carried to term), adds an element of the miraculous (dead baby is practically willed back to life by the mother), and then throws hints at the horrors to come.

Even with the foreshadowing, you’re unprepared for the visual, emotional and psychological terror of what mom will do to feed her child. The mother (played handsomely by Jordan Ladd), recently widowed, cares for nothing but the girl and goes to whatever lengths necessary to keep her happy.

It doesn’t take long to realize that the baby isn’t the real monster.

The Blu-ray picture is incredibly sharp and fits the subtly changing look of the film, going from light to dark and moody as the horror progresses.

The Blu-ray is packed with special features, including two commentaries, the theatrical trailer and several long and entertaining making-of featurettes. My favorite was the “Grace at Sundance — Becoming a Festival Sensation” featurette. At first it comes across as a self-serving journey with writer-director Paul Solet, but as it moves along, it becomes a refreshing look at a hard-working, street-hitting young director who just wants to make sure people know about his movie now, instead of years down the road.

The menus are excellent as well. Conspicuously absent from the extras, however, is the original Grace short film, which we only get glimpses of in the featurettes.

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