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'Pineapple Express' Blu-ray to Use Online Features

15 Aug, 2008 By: Fred Topel

Seth Rogen and James Franco in Pineapple Express

Blu-ray Disc's BD Live capabilities allow filmmakers to place content online and make it accessible to Blu-ray viewers. And Seth Rogen, star and screenwriter of Pineapple Express, is taking advantage of that.

“With Blu-ray you can actually download material onto the DVD from the Internet,” Rogen said. “So I think they're putting the video game and stuff on the Internet.”

However, the actor remains skeptical about the quality of such content.

“It's like the sh*ttiest video game you've ever seen, but it's a video game and you can download it,” he said. “It's like Donkey Kong, kind of. In 1983, it would've been amazing, but it's a game so you can kill some time at work.”

The comedy stars Rogen as a pot smoker who goes on the lam with his dealer, Saul (James Franco), when he witnesses a murder. Rogen mentioned additional scenes that may also end up on the DVD or Blu-ray editions.

“We did shoot a lot of extra stuff,” Rogen said. “We shot a lot of actors we know playing weird characters and coming and buying weed off of Saul in the apartment, guys like Martin [Starr] and Justin Long and a bunch of actors, whoever was around, Craig Robinson and people in the movie.”

One deleted scene matches Saul with the ex-wife of a nemesis, Red (Danny McBride).

“There's a little guide to marriage with his wife who's in jail,” Rogen explained.

The film opens with a black-and-white sequence in the '50s as the military does tests on the effects of marijuana. Only one appears in the film.

“We did more experiments in the '50s,” he said. “We got every actor we know to come in and do kind of little item-nine experiments, as we called them. I don't know if any of it is funny. It could all suck. I haven't seen any of it.”

Rogen also expects the black-and-white sequences to be the standout visual on the Blu-ray version.

“I imagine the whole beginning looks pretty good on the Blu-ray version. Tim Orr, our DP, is an amazing guy. I feel like I should give him some kind of recognition.”

Pineapple Express is playing in theaters.

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