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Millenniata, Ritek Produce New 25GB Blu-ray

6 Jun, 2013 By: Chris Tribbey

Utah-based tech company Millenniata has completed its new 25GB M-Disc Blu-ray Disc, with Ritek Corp. beginning mass production in August.

The M-Disc Blu-ray has five times the storage capacity of the standard 4.7 GB M-Disc DVD and will be writable and readable on any Blu-ray drive. Imation will distribute the M-Discs under the TDK, Memorex and Imation brands, while Ritek will distribute them under the Ritek, Ridata and Traxdata brands.

“The new M-Disc Blu-ray and its 25GB of storage enhances our ability to meet the ever-growing digital storage needs of consumers,” said Paul Brockbank, Millenniata president and CEO. “Now businesses, as well as individuals, can take advantage of both the added capacity and accessibility of the permanent M-Disc.”

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