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Deal Site: Blu-ray Players to Hit $39 in 2011

24 Jan, 2011 By: Chris Tribbey


Blu-ray Disc players could be priced below $40 this year, with 42-inch LCD HDTVs coming in under $300, according to DealNews.com.

“Our price trend data shows how prices dropped on 12 popular items from 2009 to 2010, based on the individual deals we list on our site,” writes Beth Pinsker, editorial director of the site. “Then we keyed up our DealNews experts to find out what low price points you'll likely see in 2011.”

After coming in as low as $79 in 2009 and $50 in 2010, Pinkser’s research has Blu-ray players available for as low as $39 this year.

“You'll probably see a lot of Blu-Ray players bundled as extras with TVs, but you’ll also see them as doorbusters and priced like crockpots,” the article reads.

The waning market for 32-inch HDTVs and smaller will continue once 42-inch HDTVs come in at $299 this year ($490 in 2009, $370 in 2010), according to the report.

The article also has Nintendo’s Wii gaming system priced at $99 before 2012 ($170 in 2009, $150 in 2010).

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