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Blockbuster Deal Targets Netflix Customers

14 Jul, 2011 By: Ashley Ratcliff

Blockbuster LLC has unveiled a limited-time offer for Netflix customers to switch to Blockbuster Total Access, in an attempt to counter frustrations with Netflix’s recent announcement of a price hike.

Now through Sept. 15, Netflix customers who make the switch to one of Blockbuster’s two most popular Total Access plans will receive a free 30-day trial. When the trial expires, customers will get Total Access for a new price of $9.99 per month for one disc at a time, or $14.99 a month for two discs at a time.

Unlike Netflix, Blockbuster Total Access touts the availability of new releases before the 28-day release window; unlimited exchanges in stores; games for Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii; and no extra charge for movies on Blu-ray Disc.

Given Netflix’s pending price increase (it is charging $7.99 each for its streaming-only and DVD-only services starting Sept. 1, effectively raising the base price for getting both from $9.99 to $15.98), many of its customers are exploring their home entertainment options, as evidenced by angry Web posts.

“Blockbuster quickly responded to the cries of Netflix customers,” Blockbuster president Michael Kelly said. “Blockbuster Total Access is Netflix ‘without the wait.’ The combination of DVDs by mail and an unlimited in-store exchanges provides more than 100 million people living near Blockbuster stores immediate convenience and unparalleled choice.”

Kelly said he finds it “shocking” that Netflix raised its rates as high as 60%.

“In contrast, Blockbuster has worked hard over the past few months to deliver value in entertainment to customers in this economy and has even reduced in-store movie rentals to as low as 49 cents,” he said.

To get the deal, Netflix customers may visit blockbuster.com/helloblockbuster or bring their Netflix mailer to a participating Blockbuster store.

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