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Fox Innovation Lab Presents First Innovation Award to Video & Audio Center

4 Jan, 2017 By: John Latchem

The Fox Innovation Lab at 20th Century Fox has given its first “Innovation Award for Consumer Presentation of 4K Ultra HD” to Video & Audio Center.

The Video & Audio Center was the first retailer to offer 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray players, and launched an initiative across all its stores to promote the format, specifically the capabilities of high dynamic range (HDR).

The award was presented Jan. 4 by Fox Innovation Lab managing director Danny Kaye to Video & Audio Center CEO and founder Joseph Akhtarzad and corporate director Tom Campbell at the 2017 CES in Las Vegas.

“The Video & Audio Center is in a class by itself, they have long been a pioneer in presenting new digital technology to the consumer as an integrated solution,” Kaye said. “We get invaluable consumer feedback on our latest products and enhancements through our relationship with Video & Audio Center.”

“In real estate, they call it location, location, location,” Campbell said in accepting the award. “For us it’s content, content, content. It’s the No. 1 driving force that had us double our business this year.”

He noted that Video & Audio stores used Fox’s The Martian to demonstrate 4K Ultra HD TVs with high dynamic range.

“Out of every 10 4K Ultra HD TVs we sell, six of the players are sold with it because we demonstrate it with the player," Campbell said. "When [consumers] see it, they have to have it.”

The mission of the Fox Innovation Lab is to drive the development of innovative technology and new consumer experiences across all formats and distribution models. That includes developing close relationships with partners such as the Video & Audio Center as the Lab experiments with VR, AR, immersive audio, mobile experiences and 4K Ultra HD.

Additional reporting by Stephanie Prange.


(L-R): Roger Taylor, VP, public affairs and communications, LG Electronics U.S.A.; Joseph Akhtarzad, president, Just One Touch; Mike Dunn and Danny Kaye of Fox; Tom Campbell, corporate director, Video & Audio Center; and Hanno Basse, Fox CTO.


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