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Amazon Tablet Includes Free Streaming

28 Sep, 2011 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Launch of Amazon Kindle Fire includes one free month’s access to Amazon Prime movie, TV show streams

Amazon Sept. 28 bowed the much-anticipated Kindle Fire tablet computer with half the storage of the Apple iPad 2 for $199 — a price point many believe could make it more than competitive with the $300 iPad.

Amazon is taking orders for the device, which will street Nov. 11.

With Google’s Android 2.3 browser, identical 512MB memory and 1GHz operating system, the Kindle Fire is as powerful as the iPad, albeit with a 2.7-inch smaller screen. Kindle Fire also only has half (8GB) the storage of the iPad 2.

Don’t expect to see a Netflix streaming app available anytime soon, as Amazon is luring users to its $79 Prime loyalty program, which includes unlimited access to about 11,000 streaming titles. The Fire also offers access to more than 100,000 titles via transactional video-on-demand.

Netflix Instant Watch, which was included in the initial launch of the iPad in April 2010, boasts a catalog of about 20,000 streaming titles.

All acquired content is automatically stored in Amazon’s proprietary cloud-based digital storage system.

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