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Tales of ‘True’ and Blu

31 May, 2011 By: John Latchem

Target's 'True Blood' Signature Editions

The buzz surrounding “True Blood” never seems to fade, as evidenced by huge retail promotions touting HBO’s third-season DVD and Blu-ray releases for the vampire series.

Best Buy offered a free magnet with purchase and pushed other “True Blood” merchandise, such as previous seasons on disc, $12.99 T-shirts and $2.99 bottles of TruBlood-branded soda.

Target stepped up with three special signature-edition box covers for its DVD and Blu-ray editions, one each for Sookie, Bill and Eric, and bearing the stars’ autographs. Target also sold previous seasons on DVD for $19.99 each.

Best Buy also featured a new “X-Men” promotion, offering ticket coupons for the new theatrical release of X-Men: First Class in copies of previous “X-Men” movies (sold at $3.99 per DVD, $7.99 per Blu-ray).

At a Walmart in Long Beach, Calif., clerks coming off the Memorial Day holiday still hadn’t fully stocked the new releases or updated the usual price discounts Walmart gives.

Also curious: Walmart stocking only the DVD versions of new special editions for Universal’s American Graffiti and Legend, even though the whole point of the re-release was their debuts on Blu-ray.

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