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New Exclusives at Walmart

15 Jan, 2013 By: John Latchem

Walmart exclusives 'Undefeated' and 'Thor'

In a week in which Fox’s Taken 2 was destined to dominate shelf space, most of the special promotions came at Walmart, which unveiled a slew of DVDs and Blu-rays offered exclusively at the chain.

Among them: an early release of the DVD ($9.96) and Blu-ray ($14.96) for Anchor Bay’s Undefeated, the Oscar-winning football documentary that goes wide Feb. 9; Arc’s animated Thor: Legend of the Magical Hammer DVD ($12.96); and Anchor Bay’s Western-themed animated Cinderella ($12.96).

Walmart also offered a preorder of Sony Pictures’ Hotel Transylvania, allowing buyers to watch that and Monster House on Vudu now, with home delivery of DVD ($19.96) or Blu-ray ($24.96) copies of both films by HT’s Jan. 29 release date. The Vudu instant-access, home delivery offer also is available for the $24.96 Paranormal Activity 4 BD combo pack.

And just so the week’s premier title wasn’t neglected, Walmart offered a special Blu-ray-only configuration of Taken 2, as well as a DVD of the film with no extras.

Best Buy’s Taken 2 exclusive consisted of a free T-shirt with the Blu-ray combo pack.

And a quick note for digital shoppers: For some reason doing a search for the full term Won’t Back Down at BN.com yields no results, but just “back down” will bring the title up.

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