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'Independence Day' Pushes Retailers Through the Looking Glass

18 Oct, 2016 By: John Latchem

'Independence Day: Resurgence' Blu-rays: Target digibook and Best Buy Steelbook

The retail exclusives for the Oct. 18 new releases may not have been as interesting as what wasn't available.

At Amazon.com, for example, the DVD version of Disney's Alice Through the Looking Glass was available only through the online retailer's secondary market, where it was offered at a higher price than the readily available Blu-ray (which also includes the DVD version).

But something more bizarre might have happened at Best Buy, which didn't list Universal's Barbie & Her Sisters in A Puppy Chase as available until Nov. 1. It was readily available at other retailers, and even tied to some exclusive promotions. Target offered a free doll with the purchase of the movie and another toy. And Walmart offered a DVD two-pack with Puppy Chase and Barbie & Her Sisters in The Great Puppy Adventure.

For the week's biggest title, Fox's Independence Day: Resurgence, Target offered a Blu-ray combo pack with a 48-page booklet and free popcorn. Walmart offered a DVD two-pack of the movie with the DVD of the 1996 original Independence Day. Best Buy offered an IDR Blu-ray Steelbook and a $5 discount with the purchase of both Steelbooks.

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