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Finding Promotions for 'Peanuts'

9 Mar, 2016 By: John Latchem

Fox's The Peanuts Movie was the big new title on March 8, drawing the lion's share of shelf space and promotional interest.

The most notable retail exclusive came at Target, which offered an 25-minute bonus DVD with the featurettes ""The Voices of The Peanuts Movie," "The Art of Dreaming Big" and more. Peanuts Movie discs at Target also included a coupon for a free popcorn and soda at the Taret Café, though it should be noted that many Target stores, at least those in Southern California, have temporarily closed their in-store eateries for renovations.

Also of note about The Peanuts Movie is that it is the first title to receive a date-and-date UHD BD release, after the format officially launched a week ago. Best Buy was the only chain to carry the UHD version in stores, and notably stocked such copies in the new-release section next to the other formats of the title, and not with the other UHD BDs in the 4K section.

Fox also released a gift set of the regular Blu-ray combo pack with a plush Snoopy, priced at Target and Best Buy at the same price as the non-gift set Blu-ray combo pack.

As part of the Peanuts Movie promotional effort, Fox launched a "Snoopytizer" section at the site, which lets fans create customized Peanuts characters based on themselves. The Snoopytizer lets fans create a customized Snoopy, even making the famed canine resemble their own dogs.

Among other titles, Walmart had a special DVD double feature containing Paramount's musical Grease Live paired with the original theatrical Grease.

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