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Best Buy Deals With HBO

25 Jun, 2013 By: John Latchem

When the new products aren’t exciting enough to warrant any special promotions, retailers step up their efforts to clear out inventory. This week, Best Buy touted 35% off TV DVD boxed sets at its HBO section, with shows such as “Veep” and “True Blood” offered as low as $12.99 each season.

Best Buy also continued to tout its CinemaNow digital streaming service, offering 10 free digital movies with the creation of a new online account at CinemaNow.com.

Another big promotion that popped up at Best Buy was the chance to pick up $7.50 in Despicable Me 2 movie coupons with select Universal catalog titles, including the original Despicable Me.

Walmart began taking preorders for the eventual Despicable Me 2 Blu-ray from Universal, even though the movie doesn’t arrive in theaters until July 3. The deal includes a limited-edition Minion toy.

Walmart also began offering some exclusive titles, including Cody the Robosapien ($12.96 DVD) from Anchor Bay and The Dragon Pearl ($12.96 DVD, $14.96 Blu-ray) from Ketchup Entertainment.



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