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A Barrage of Disney Titles

24 May, 2011 By: John Latchem

New titles from Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment dominated the shelves May 24, led by the debut of two major theatrical releases on disc: Gnomeo & Juliet and I Am Number Four.

In fact, the home video section for Target’s weekly ad circular listed only Disney titles in its new-release section, with the new Disney Channel musical Lemonade Mouth and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Great Outdoors ($12.99 for regular DVD, $17.99 with an interactive remote).

Target offered a $6 discount with the joint purchase of any version of Gnomeo with the DVD of Lemonade Mouth (offered on its own at $14.99).

Best Buy also offered a discount with the joint purchase of two Disney titles, but their promotion combined the kid-friendly, CG-animated Gnomeo and the sci-fi thriller Number Four — not exactly an obvious demographic match. Still, fans who wanted both films could get a $6 savings buying both on DVD or a $10 savings buying both on Blu-ray.

Target also offered a huge “Glee” promotion, touting a $5 savings with purchase of any $9.99 or higher “Glee” CD or DVD.


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