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YouTube Remains Online Video Juggernaut

10 Sep, 2008 By: Erik Gruenwedel

YouTube.com and parent Google continues to dominate online video viewing in the United States, generating more than 5 billion largely user-generated videos watched in July, compared to 4.1 billion videos in April.

ComScore Video Metrix, a Reston, Va.-based research firm, said Google Inc.’s popular social video site represented 44% of the online video market, compared to 38% in April.

YouTube attracted the most unique viewers (92.1 million), who watched an average of 55 videos per person. The site accounted for 98% of all videos viewed on Google properties.

Fox Interactive Media (FIM), which includes largely MySpace.com, ranked a distant second with 445,682 million videos and 3.9% market share. FIM attracted 54.8 million unique viewers, who watched an average of 8.1 videos per person. In April, FIM attracted 52 million unique viewers.

MySpace generated 51.4 million of FIM’s viewers, who watched 400 million videos, or 7.8 videos per person.

Notable newcomer to the top 10 online video properties included Hulu.com, the Internet video distribution site co-owned by NBC Universal and News Corp., parent of FIM. The site generated more than 119 million videos for 0.8% market share.

Other online video properties included Microsoft sites with 282 million videos (2.5% market share); Yahoo with 269 million (2.5%); Viacom Digital with 246 million (2.2%); Disney Online (186 million, 1.6%); Turner Network (171 million, 1.5%); AOL (95 million, 0.8%); and CBS Corp. with 69 million and 0.6% market share.

The report found that 75% of the U.S. Internet audience watched online videos. The average viewer watched 235 minutes of video, with an average length of 2.9 minutes.

Overall, Americans watched 558 million hours of video, or 11.4 billion videos, in July, compared to 11 billion in April. More than 142 million U.S. Internet users watched an average of 80 online videos per viewer.

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