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comScore: October Set Record for Online Video Consumption

28 Nov, 2011 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Perennial leader YouTube tracked nearly 21 billion videos watched during the month — a record

Google-owned YouTube in October again ranked the No. 1 destination for online video consumption — outdistancing the remaining top 10 sites combined by a factor of four, according to the latest comScore data.

YouTube nearly tracked a record 21 billion videos watched in October compared to runner-up Facebook, second in unique viewers, with 346 million videos watched. Third was Vevo with 827 million videos, followed by Microsoft (661 million), Viacom (540 million), Yahoo (551 million), AOL (410 million), NBC Universal (134 million) and Turner Digital in 10th place with 223 million videos watched.

Hulu, a popular destination for repurposed TV programs and home to subscription VOD service Hulu Plus, was ranked No. 9 with 791 million videos watched.

YouTube also tracked the largest number of unique viewers at nearly 161 million — nearly three times as many as runner-up Facebook with 59 million unique viewers. VEVO, an online music video site, tracked nearly 57 million viewers, followed by Microsoft (49 million), Viacom (48 million), Yahoo (43 million), AOL (43 million) NBC Universal (39 million and Turner with nearly 28 million unique viewers.

Hulu (and Hulu Plus) had a combined 29 million unique viewers.

Most impressive: The average YouTube viewer watched 424 minutes of video — double the number of minutes watched on Hulu (202 minutes) by the average viewer.

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