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Google Acquires SageTV

20 Jun, 2011 By: Chris Tribbey

In a sign that Google TV may be getting an upgrade, DVR and home theater PC software company SageTV announced June 18 that it had been acquired by Google. Terms of the deal were not released.

“By teaming up with Google, we believe our ideas will reach an even larger audience of users worldwide on many different products, platforms and services,” SageTV wrote on the company’s blog. “We’ve seen how Google’s developer efforts are designed to stimulate innovation across the Web, and as developers have played a core role in the success of SageTV, we think our shared vision for open technology will help us advance the online entertainment experience.”

SageTV open-source software has been around since 2002 and allows users to create and control content across a range of devices. The acquisition by Google could signal an intent to include DVR capabilities to the Google TV platform, or possibly integrate Google TV into existing hardware.

SageTV in a letter to subscribers said that it would shut down its online store, but would continue to support existing users.

“We really appreciate everyone’s support over the years, and we hope you’ll stay tuned as we embark on new projects at Google,” the letter concludes.

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