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Macrovision Announces Media Recognition Software

28 Aug, 2008 By: Billy Gil

Macrovision Solutions, a Santa Clara, Calif.-based company devoted to digital media management, has announced a new version of its LASSO media recognition software. The enhanced software allows devices such as MP3 players, mobile phones, DVD players and CD players access to Macrovision’s AMG database of movie and music information.

The software will allow consumers to identify DVD and CD information from UPC barcode numbers as well as to search additional information, such as more movies with similar elements, on CE devices embedded with the software.

“Consumer demands for viewing or listening experience are constantly changing and getting more sophisticated,” said Steve Shannon, EVP of product management for Macrovision. “At Macrovision we want to help CE manufacturers deliver an enhanced entertainment experience across a broad spectrum of devices in any environment, both online and off.”

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