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Samsung Offers Free 4K Content to TV Buyers

11 Nov, 2013 By: Chris Tribbey

To help entice those in the market for an Ultra High-Definition TV to go with Samsung, the consumer electronics company is offering free 4K content.

Through Dec. 28, those who purchase a Samsung Ultra HD TV will receive two free, full-length Imax films, The Last Reef and The Grand Canyon Adventure, along with several short-form UHD videos.

The offer is also open to those who’ve already purchased a Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV.

The content will be mailed to Samsung set owners after they register their purchase online.

In other 4K Ultra HD TV news, consumer electronics company Seiki Digital will offer its 55-inch Ultra HD TV set exclusively via Sears for $1,500. Seiki also offers 39- and 50-inch Ultra HD sets through the retailer.

“In June, Seiki and Sears teamed up to introduce the 39-inch class 4K Ultra HD TV model, and demonstrated how it can be used for 4K digital entertainment as a TV or a PC monitor,” said Frank Kendzora, EVP for Seiki Digital. “Sears will be an exclusive authorized retailer offering the Seiki 55-inch class 4K model. With the new model and Sears, Seiki is staying at the forefront of introducing an immersive 4K Ultra HD experience to consumers, and offering the best value in large-screen 4K Ultra HD TVs with exceptional build quality.”

Finally, ABI Research is forecasting that while the Asia-Pacific region is expected to initially lead in Ultra HD TV shipments, the North American market is the first expected to eclipse 5% household penetration (by 2017) and 10% penetration (by 2019).

“Despite a very limited installed base there have already been a number of 4K trials from broadcasters, pay-TV operators and satellite operators,” said ABI senior analyst Michael Inouye. “While many point to the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil and Sochi Winter Olympics as highlights for 4K, these events will have a minimal impact on 4K adoption. It’s simply too early.”

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