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A look at new and upcoming home entertainment releases, including movies, TV shows and other programs available on DVD, Blu-ray Disc and other formats.

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42nd Street (Blu-ray Review)    11 May, 2015

Article By: Mike Clark

The movie that established Busby Berkeley as a major force is just what one would hope a pioneer...More>>

5 Against the House (DVD Review)    8 Apr, 2013

Article By: Mike Clark

You can practically hear studio chief Harry Cohn ordering more full-body profile shots of Kim Novak...More>>

5 Days of War (Blu-ray Review)    9 Dec, 2011

Article By: Angelique Flores

The story of '5 Days of War' centers on a fictional American journalist and a Georgian woman caught...More>>

5 Star Day (DVD Review)    9 Feb, 2012

Article By: Ashley Ratcliff

Cam Gigandet commands attention and the supporting cast also makes '5 Star Day' an enthralling film.More>>

5,000 Fingers of Dr. T, The (Blu-ray Review)    27 Jun, 2016

Article By: Mike Clark

‘Fingers’ has the only original screenplay that Dr. Seuss ever wrote, and whatever you think of...More>>

5,6,7,8 (DVD Review)    19 Jan, 2012

Article By: Ashley Ratcliff

'5,6,7,8' is your standard documentary about a small-down dance company and the young ladies who...More>>

50/50 (Blu-ray Review)    20 Jan, 2012

Article By: John Latchem

Cancer may be a sensitive topic around which to build a comedy, but 50/50 manages to find the right...More>>

56 Up (DVD Review)    13 Jul, 2013

Article By: Ashley Ratcliff

It’s easy to see how viewers develop a certain fondness for these people with whom they have seen...More>>

5th Quarter, The (Blu-ray Review)    23 Aug, 2011

Article By: Ashley Ratcliff

A heart-wrenching portrayal of one family’s real-life tragedy, 'The 5th Quarter' not only...More>>

6 Ed Sullivan Shows Starring The Rolling Stones (DVD Review)    5 Dec, 2011

Article By: Mike Clark

As with previous Sullivan volumes devoted to the three shows that featured Elvis Presley in 1956-57...More>>