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Comprehensive reviews of upcoming movies, TV shows and other programs released on standard DVD.

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Artist, The (Blu-ray Review)    28 Jun, 2012

Article By: John Latchem

Beyond depicting the plight of silent film stars in the age of the talkie, 'The Artist' serves as a...More>>

Asphalt Jungle, The (Blu-ray Review)    19 Dec, 2016

Article By: Mike Clark

The granddaddy of meticulously high-scale robbery pics remains as vital and robust as ever, though...More>>

Assassin’s Blade, The (Blu-ray Review)    18 May, 2013

Article By: Erik Gruenwedel

Hong Kong director Jingle Ma understands elaborately choreographed fight scenes (in...More>>

Astonishing X-Men: Gifted (DVD Review)    17 Sep, 2010

Article By: John Latchem

In terms of production value, the “Marvel Knights” brand might be the best use of the motion...More>>

Avatar (Blu-ray Review)    23 Apr, 2010

Article By: John Latchem

Fox abandoned any and all frills for the single-disc BD-50 presentation, using all available space...More>>

Avengers, The (3D Blu-ray Review)    25 Sep, 2012

Article By: John Latchem

'The Avengers' is so much fun, the film is filled with images that seem lifted directly from a...More>>

Avengers: Age of Ultron (3D Blu-ray Review)    2 Oct, 2015

Article By: John Latchem

'Avengers: Age of Ultron,' the 11th film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe canon and the second to...More>>

Bachelorette (Blu-ray Review)    21 Mar, 2013

Article By: Ashley Ratcliff

'Bachelorette' is a crude but amusing film that should appeal to men as much as women. More>>

Back to the Future: 25th Anniversary Trilogy (Blu-ray Review)    22 Oct, 2010

Article By: John Latchem

Great Scott! The 'Back to the Future Trilogy' Blu-ray offers enough great stuff to generate 1.21...More>>

Background to Danger (DVD Review)    30 May, 2016

Article By: Mike Clark

The moderate rewards to be gleaned from this 80-minute quickie are definitely around the edges. More>>