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Comprehensive reviews of upcoming movies, TV shows and other programs released on standard DVD.

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Aaah! Zombies! (DVD Review)    16 Oct, 2010

Article By: John Latchem

'Aaah! Zombies! presents a humorous twist on zombie movies by presenting the story from the point...More>>

Abbott and Costello Show: The Complete Series — Collector’s Edition, The (DVD Review)    5 Apr, 2010

Article By: Mike Clark

The 52 syndicated episodes of the famed comedy duo’s half-hour television series — which Jerry...More>>

Abilene Town (Blu-ray Review)    31 Oct, 2016

Article By: Mike Clark

Everything about ‘Abilene Town’ is on the high side of boilerplate, which presumably explains...More>>

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter (Blu-ray Review)    19 Oct, 2012

Article By: John Latchem

The story chronicles the early days of Lincoln (Benjamin Walker) as an amateur vampire slayer, as...More>>

Accountant, The (Blu-ray Review)    13 Jan, 2017

Article By: John Latchem

Take Sheldon Cooper out of “The Big Bang Theory” and give him advanced military training and an...More>>

Act of Valor (Blu-ray Review)    25 May, 2012

Article By: John Latchem

'Act of Valor' feels like a weird hybrid of an action movie and a documentary, following an...More>>

Adjust Your Tracking: The Untold Story of the VHS Collector (DVD Review)    7 Jul, 2014

Article By: Mike Clark

It’s true, as one of the more wizened interviewees here notes, that people will collect anything,...More>>

Adjustment Bureau, The (Blu-ray Review)    17 Jun, 2011

Article By: John Latchem

First-time director George Nolfi’s charming 'The Adjustment Bureau' takes a deeper look at how...More>>

Adventure Time: My Two Favorite People (DVD Review)    5 Oct, 2011

Article By: John Latchem

“Adventure Time” is one of the quirkiest animated shows to come along in a while, but don’t...More>>

Adventures in Pornoland (DVD Review)    8 Oct, 2011

Article By: Erik Gruenwedel

What gives 2008 Canadian indie 'Adventures in Pornoland' a slightly comedic twist on the genre is...More>>