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Comprehensive reviews of upcoming movies, TV shows and other programs released on standard DVD.

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24: The Complete Series (DVD Review)    12 Dec, 2010

Article By: John Latchem

Relive the adventures of Jack Bauer with this boxed set that repackages the previously released...More>>

2:22 (Blu-ray Review)    27 Jul, 2010

Article By: Erik Gruenwedel

Director Phillip Guzman entrances the patient viewer with deliberate pacing, character development...More>>

3 Bad Men (Blu-ray Review)    12 Sep, 2016

Article By: Mike Clark

John Ford’s finest silent movie, and his last Western until ‘Stagecoach,’ is a jewel on any...More>>

39 Steps, The (Blu-ray Review)    9 Jul, 2012

Article By: Mike Clark

This landmark is one of Alfred Hitchcock’s most emblematic and purely entertaining movies — an...More>>

42 (Blu-ray Review)    11 Jul, 2013

Article By: John Latchem

The film is a well-polished production that covers the basics of Jackie Robinson joining the...More>>

5,000 Fingers of Dr. T, The (Blu-ray Review)    27 Jun, 2016

Article By: Mike Clark

‘Fingers’ has the only original screenplay that Dr. Seuss ever wrote, and whatever you think of...More>>

50/50 (Blu-ray Review)    20 Jan, 2012

Article By: John Latchem

Cancer may be a sensitive topic around which to build a comedy, but 50/50 manages to find the right...More>>

95 Miles to Go (DVD Review)    3 Jun, 2012

Article By: Erik Gruenwedel

'95 Miles to Go' proves quite entertaining showcasing Romano’s effortless situational humor and...More>>

A Woman, a Gun and a Noodle Shop (Blu-ray Review)    29 Jan, 2011

Article By: Billy Gil

Zhang Yimou brings the same combination of action and feeling he brought to such films as 'House of...More>>

A-Team, The (Blu-ray Review)    10 Dec, 2010

Article By: John Latchem

Those who deplore 'The A-Team,' director Joe Carnahan’s adaptation of the classic 1980s TV show,...More>>