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'Frozen' Powers Another Record Week for Blu-ray

1 Apr, 2014 By: John Latchem

The huge success of Disney’s Frozen in its debut week led to a record week for Blu-ray sales in general outside of the fourth-quarter shopping season.

For the week ended March 22, 2014, according to data compiled by Home Media Research, total Blu-ray sales amounted to $101.98 million, equating to 42.2% of total disc sales revenue. The home entertainment industry sold 5.21 million Blu-ray units, amounting to 31.3% of total disc unit sales.

Blu-ray sales were driven primarily by big numbers for animated blockbuster Frozen, which according to Disney sold 3.2 million units on its first day alone (including preorders). The title debuted on disc March 18.

The overall tally represents only the 10th time Blu-ray revenue has crossed $100 million in a week, and the first time it has done so without the boost of a holiday shopping season.

The only week in which Blu-ray constituted a larger percentage of revenue and unit sales was the week ended Sept. 29, 2012, the week the debut of The Avengers led to a 44.1% Blu-ray revenue share and a 31.6% Blu-ray unit share (with total Blu-ray revenue of $88.08 million and 3.96 million units sold).

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