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Technicolor Launches New 4K, Color Certification Programs

25 Jun, 2013 By: Chris Tribbey

Replicator and video technology company Technicolor has launched two new certification programs: one that covers color quality on computers and mobile devices, and another that deals with the delivery of 4K video to Ultra HDTVs.

Technicolor is partnering with Portrait Displays for its color certification program for consumer electronics companies, aiming to provide correct color accuracy for video content from streaming media services, Blu-ray Discs and more.

“While today’s displays are dramatically improved for a superior visual experience, there is significant color inconsistency across the many types, resulting in oversaturated, washed out or simply incorrect colors — a substandard viewer experience,” said Portrait Displays president and CEO J. Michael James. “When a display has gone through the Technicolor Color Certified process, consumers will know that they are buying a product that delivers accurate color and they can be confident in their purchase.”

For 4K, Technicolor has already awarded its first certification to video processing company Marseille Networks for Marseille’s chip system. Technicolor’s 4K certification ensures consumers can enjoy 4K upscaling on non-4K content, and addresses how non-4K content from streaming, disc players, and cable and satellite looks on 4K TVs.

“We are pleased to be the only company to pass Technicolor’s rigorous 4K image certification testing and have our VTV-122X family of video processors ‘Technicolor 4K Image Certified,’” said Marseille Networks president and CEO Amine Chabane. “The result is stunning quality for everything 4K including photographic quality still images, clear crisp menus and graphics, and most importantly full-motion video that creates the Hollywood movie experience at home with HD content.”

Manuele Wahl, SVP of technology licensing for Technicolor, added: “Our expertise in working with Hollywood and our desire to deliver outstanding content drove us to develop the color and image certification processes. We spend hundreds of hours to ensure color perfection on movies, and we wanted to find a way to guarantee that consumers are seeing the content as the director intended, no matter what device they are using. Plus, our partnership with the studios and device manufacturers ideally positions Technicolor to help spearhead consumer acceptance of 4K.”

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