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BestBuy.com Launches Best Buy Entertainment Content Site

4 Oct, 2001 By: Hive News

BestBuy.com Inc. has launched Best Buy Entertainment(http://www.bbe.bestbuy.com), a content-based Web site linked to their online store,BestBuy.com.

The company says Best Buy Entertainment was created to further enhance Best Buy's click-and-mortar experience by helping customers make more informed purchasing decisions.

Visitors to Best Buy Entertainment can check out background information, demos and media clips for music, movies and games, and purchase products either online or at the store.

Music fans can browse biographies of artists, check out music charts, see who's ontour and where, read artist interviews, download digital music and listen to sample tracks before buying records at BestBuy.com. Best Buy Entertainment also offers over 20 different Internet radio stations in a wide variety of music genres.

Visitors to the new site interested in movies can find new release information, actor biographies, box-office results, movie trailers -- and DVDs to rent online.

Gaming fans can find game hints, information on new gaming hardware and software, and screen shots of upcoming releases.

Along with information on yet-to-be released music, movies and games, Best Buy Entertainment also offers pre-orders on upcoming releases.

"Best Buy Entertainment is central to our strategy to offer Best Buy customers acomplete entertainment experience combining a compelling online experience with our leading retail operation," said Scott Young, v.p. of entertainment forBestBuy.com. "The features and functions we offer on Best Buy Entertainment andBestBuy.com will continue to evolve as we add new digital services and build ourconnection with customers across both the online and retail channels."

Future enhancements planned for the site include subscription services and online game play.

Best Buy Entertainment can be accessed through www.bestbuy.com, a wholly owned Internet subsidiary of Best Buy Inc.

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