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“Six Million Dollar Man” On DVD From Time Life    27 Jul, 2010

News By: John Latchem

The classic TV series “The Six Million Dollar Man” will arrive on DVD for the first time as a...More>>

‘Zookeeper’ Game Lets Players’ Imaginations Run Wild    5 Oct, 2011

News By: Ashley Ratcliff

The fun-loving characters of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment’s 'Zookeeper' — out Oct. 11 on...More>>

‘X-Men’ Effects Guru Notes Challenges    29 Aug, 2011

News By: Chris Tribbey

Even with two visual effects Oscars under his belt, effects guru John Dykstra was presented with...More>>

‘X-Men: First Class’ Arrives on Disc Sept. 9    19 Jul, 2011

News By: John Latchem

The prequel 'X-Men: First Class' is coming to DVD and Blu-ray Friday, Sept. 9 (order date Aug. 10),...More>>

‘WSJ’: Nintendo to Release 3D Device    23 Mar, 2010

News By: Billy Gil

Nintendo is planning to release a new 3D gaming device that will not require 3D glasses, the...More>>

‘Wonder’ Marks First Indican Blu-ray Release    12 Aug, 2009

News By: Chris Tribbey

Indican Pictures will make its first Blu-ray release a special one, when it releases the...More>>

‘Wolverine’ to Offer IMDB Link via BD Live    28 Jul, 2009

News By: Billy G., Erik G.

The Sept. 15 release of <i>X-Men Origins: Wolverine</i> on Blu-ray Disc will include for the first...More>>

‘Wolverine’ Pirate Gets Year in Prison    21 Dec, 2011

News By: Chris Tribbey

A New York man who admitted to uploading to the Internet an illegal copy of 'X-Men Origins:...More>>

‘Wolverine’ Director: Credit Jackman for Franchise Success    19 Nov, 2013

News By: Chris Tribbey

Speaking at 20th Century Fox studios, 'The Wolverine' director James Mangold said he wanted to...More>>

‘Wolverine’ Buyers Can Tweet Video Content With Barcodes     15 Sep, 2009

News By: Billy Gil

20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and barcode-solution providers JAGTAG have teamed to allow...More>>