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Research: Netflix Streaming Will Double By 2018

17 Sep, 2013 By: Erik Gruenwedel

Netflix streaming is apparently like a snowball in motion, getting larger and larger.

Domestic streaming is forecast to reach 13 billion hours during this year and top 26 billion hours in 2018, according to new research from TDG Research.
At the same time, the Frisco, Tex.-based firm believes Netflix subscriptions and total viewing will mature domestically around 2020, while international growth will continue. Specifically, while Netflix continues to excel as first mover in the subscription video-on-demand market, increasing competition in the United States from Amazon, Redbox Instant, Intel, Google and Hulu, as well as TV Everywhere platforms from multichannel video program distributors and broadcast networks threaten to usurp that market share.

"Even with domestic growth expected to plateau in 2020, Netflix will remain a formidable market force," analyst Bill Niemeyer said in a statement. "Would-be competitors will need to do as Netflix has done: Spend the considerable money it takes to acquire quality content, move forward with good strategy, and offer a high-quality consumer search/discovery and viewing experience."

Meanwhile, BTIG Research believes Netflix subs can reach 40 million by 2015 based in part on the fact monthly service is half ($7.99) of HBO, diversity of content selections and no additional bundled MVPD subscription required.

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