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My Girlfriend’s Back (DVD Review)

27 Feb, 2011 By: Angelique Flores

Street 3/1/11
$26.98 DVD
Rated ‘PG-13’ for brief sexual content and language.
Stars Tangi Miller, Malik Yoba.

From the title, My Girlfriend’s Back might seem like this film would be a romantic-comedy or a sexual romp, but it’s deeper than either of those.

Derek seems to have it all — a rising career as an attorney, a beautiful fiancée with a wealthy pedigree, and family and friends who love him.

Just when his girlfriend, Becca, tricks him into an engagement, his ex-girlfriend Nicki comes back into town. Becca is a domineering, spoiled daddy’s girl with snooty friends. In contrast, Nicki is a hard-working, fun-loving free spirit. As Derek faces pressure from Becca to get married and pressure from his bosses to work with dirty clients, he begins to rethink where his life is headed.

While the film’s moniker suggests that Nicki is the source of the shake-up in Derek’s life, her presence and insights only play a supporting role in helping Derek sort out his issues.

The film has a bit of an identity crisis, ranging from being a funny Barbershop-type comedy with Derek and his pals at his dad’s barbershop to a serious drama as Derek has heartfelt talks with his friends and faces life-altering decisions.

While there’s not much new as far as plot here, it’s still an interesting ride. The cast includes the likes of such veteran actors as CCH Pounder (Avatar, “The Shield”) and Brent Jennings (Witness, Red Heat), which raises the film’s value.

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