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Home Media Magazine covers all aspects of the home entertainment industry product pipeline, including software and consumer electronics hardware. From information on the latest DVD and Blu-ray Disc titles to DVD and Blu-ray players, from video game consoles to portable digital video players and Web-enabled wireless HDTVs, it.s all here.

Product News
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'Clone Wars' Season One Comes to Blu-ray and DVD    15 Jul, 2009

News By: John Latchem

Lucasfilm and Warner Home Video will release Star Wars: Clone Wars — The Complete Season One on...More>>

'Code' Breaker    21 Jul, 2011

News By: Fred Topel

Jake Gyllenhaal discusses what 'Source Code' means to him.More>>

'Cool It' Brings Different Approach to Global Warming    4 Feb, 2011

News By: Ashley Ratcliff

In <i>Cool It</i>, Danish economist Bjørn Lomborg advances the notion that, while climate change...More>>

'Curse of Chucky' Resurrects Franchise’s Terror    7 Aug, 2013

News By: Ashley Ratcliff

The demonic little doll responsible for many a nightmare makes his return in 'Curse of Chucky,' the...More>>

'Cyrus' Creeps Out Viewers    17 Jun, 2011

News By: Ashley Ratcliff

Writer-director Mark Vadik spent nearly seven months researching various serial killers and their...More>>

'Dark Knight Rises' Due Dec. 4    28 Sep, 2012

News By: John Latchem

Warner Home Video Dec. 4 releases the DVD and Blu-ray of 'The Dark Knight Rises,' the epic...More>>

'Dark Knight' Swings to Home Video Dec. 9    26 Sep, 2008

News By: John Latchem

Warner Home Video is bringing the box office phenomenon 'The Dark Knight' to DVD and Blu-ray Disc...More>>

'Dark Tower' Debuts on Home Video in Time for Halloween    20 Sep, 2017

News By: Stephanie Prange

Sony Pictures Home Entertainment will release 'The Dark Tower,' based on the Stephen King book...More>>

'Darkness' Director Hopes Viewers are Surprised    28 Dec, 2010

News By: Chris Tribbey

A director has to strike a delicate balance when remaking a film. You want to stay true to the...More>>

'Deadpool' Filmmakers Discuss 'Amazing' Detail of 4K Blu-ray Release With HDR    18 May, 2016

News By: Stephanie Prange

Like the foul-mouthed superhero in his hit movie 'Deadpool,' director Tim Miller was frank about...More>>