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Home Media Magazine covers all aspects of the home entertainment industry product pipeline, including software and consumer electronics hardware. From information on the latest DVD and Blu-ray Disc titles to DVD and Blu-ray players, from video game consoles to portable digital video players and Web-enabled wireless HDTVs, it.s all here.

Product News
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Phelps Unwinds With 'Planet Earth'    14 Aug, 2008

News By: John Latchem

Gold medal-winning swimmer Michael Phelps told 'People' magazine that his preferred method of...More>>

Randy Couture Takes the Lead in 'Scorpion King 2'    14 Aug, 2008

News By: Chris Tribbey

While no stranger to acting, five-time Ultimate Fighting Championship Randy Couture has his first...More>>

A&E Offers 'Biography' DVDs on McCain, Obama    2 Aug, 2008

News By: John Latchem

With America's presidential campaign in full swing, A&E Home Video is releasing two DVDs to help...More>>

Leaving a Legacy with 'Let's Break'    2 Aug, 2008

News By: Carrie Widder

'Let's Break With B-Boy Legacy,' starring breakdancer Jonathan Lee Perez (aka Legacy), streets Aug....More>>

Comedian Reveals 'What Happens in Vegas'    2 Aug, 2008

News By: Lana Chichakly

Zach Galifianakis discusses the film, coming to disc Aug. 26 from Fox.More>>

Time Life Goes With 'Ghostbusters'    2 Aug, 2008

News By: John Latchem

The latest series to receive exclusive online DVD distribution from Time Life is the animated The...More>>

Robot Chicken: Star Wars' Redux    2 Aug, 2008

News By: John Latchem

In the midst of promoting the July 22 DVD release of Robot Chicken: Star Wars, the show's creators...More>>

Comic-Con On DVD    1 Aug, 2008

News By: HM Editorial Staff

San Diego Comic-Con International 2008 wrapped July 27 with several tidbits about upcoming discs.More>>

'X-Files' Filmmakers Embrace Blu-ray    1 Aug, 2008

News By: Fred Topel

'X-Files' producer and co-writer Frank Spotnitz is still planning the Blu-ray Disc release of the...More>>

The Emmy Bounce    31 Jul, 2008

News By: John Latchem

Studios are aggressively promoting TV DVDs of programs with Emmy noms.More>>