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‘Pay to Play’ Campaign Seeks to Combat Piracy

1 Dec, 2010 By: Ashley Ratcliff

The LGBT filmmaking community is urging those who purchase, rent or download films to do so legally as part of the new “Pay to Play” campaign.

Wolfe Video early this month launched its push to educate consumers about the effect that movie piracy and file-sharing has on the industry.

“Wolfe is committed to supporting our community filmmakers and the unique voices that they bring to our community,” said Kathy Wolfe, founder and CEO of Wolfe Video. “But this privilege is endangered — due to unauthorized viewings that don’t financially support our filmmakers and their productions.”

Well-known actors and filmmakers in the LGBT community and straight allies are making their message apparent in a PSA produced by Wolfe, which is available on . They include stars such as Thea Gill (Mulligans, Queer as Folk), Darryl Stephens (Boy Culture, Noah's Arc), Ashleigh Sumner (And Then Came Lola), Michelle Wolff (Mango Kiss), Matthew Montgomery (Pornography: A Thriller, Role/Play) and many more.

The “Pay to Play” call to action is a three-pronged effort that includes taking a pledge, sharing the message with others and legally watching Wolfe LGBT movies.

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